CESWP (Cloud Enabled Space Weather Platform)


CESWP (pronounced cess-wep) stands for “Cloud-Enabled Space Weather modeling and data assimilation Platform.” The CESWP project has two goals: to extend the Space Science Data Portal into the cloud and simplify access to space weather simulation tools. Doing so will make it easy for space scientists to collaborate and run simulations and models on space weather data.

The simulations that scientists want to run can be extremely computationally expensive. They often lend themselves to parallel processing and in some cases they can be distributed across many machines. CESWP will encapsulate the scientists’ tools in virtual machines and move them to a computing cloud, insulating scientists from the details of where (and on what machines) the simulations are running. CESWP will provide an interface that makes it easy for scientists anywhere in the world to develop and collaborate on space weather simulations and run them in the cloud. That means more time for the scientists to do their work and less time spent worrying about getting access to hardware and figuring out how to use it.