Key Technologies & Techniques

  • High-speed, asynchronous data transfers
  • Portal as broker rather than aggregator of data
  • Extensive use of metadata, particularly SPASE XML
  • Security by transitive trust
  • Rule-driven digital rights and usage control
  • Registries for data, analytics and visualizations
  • Plug-ins / hooks

A Federated System

Each data source is maintained and controlled by the Principal Investigator. A catalogue of the data, the mapping of its location on the research project server, and the mapping of its relationship to various attributes (e.g., project, instrument, observatory, analysis product, etc.) for search purposes is managed through the Web Portal. SPASE Granule XML is used to map data file locations to data streams. XML generated nightly is used to catalogue new instrument data uploaded to the research project server. The Portal streamlines the use of SPASE XML to facilitate federating project data (mapping data through the Portal) rather than aggregating or making copies of data. Access to this data by researchers is facilitated through the use of a consistent web search interface.